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LB Furniture ​was founded in 1987 by four Lim brothers. Today with more than 30 years in the industry, managing director Mr. Lim Chin Heng and his management team have grown LB into one of the significant medium-size furniture manufacturers in Malaysia.


LB Furniture specializes in solid wood furniture. We have large facilities to support the full range of furniture production including: timber stocks, rough mill, machining, finishing and packing. Our facility occupies a total of 430,000 square feet of built-up factory space. Beyond the physical and tangible we put great importance in our human resource assets, especially in our skilled Design & Development and Quality Control teams. Frankly our business has grown through our commitment to great design and quality product.


LB Furniture is still growing and continues to invest into production machinery and technology, always striving to maximize efficiency and output. If you have already reached out to us you know well the superior customer service of our Marketing department. And not least, our designers are continuously developing products for market that meet our rigorous standards: furniture which is well made, up-to-date and highly sellable.